The Conceivables

Short stories about eggs, sperm & alcohol

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The Conceivables

The Conceivables - Chav boy
The Conceivables - Sporty girl
The Conceivables - Music boy
The Conceivables - Sporty boy
The Conceivables - Emo girl
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The Conceivables - Hat girl

Let's help each other


The Conceivables are characters in their very own comic strips, originally created by university students with input from other young people.

They’re a fun way to show some of the conversations that people can have to help each other learn about the risks of alcohol in pregnancy.

The male characters are represented by sperm and the female characters by eggs, and each character has their own quirky personality type that you might recognise from your school.

Our hope is that people will share The Conceivables on social media, to help each other live healthier and make more informed choices.

We’re always on the look out for new stories for The Conceivables, so if you’re an aspiring writer or comic artist get in touch with us and share your ideas for a chance to have them featured on our website and social media!


Comic Strip 1

The Conceivables Comic Strip 01a
The Conceivables Comic Strip 01b
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Did you know?


Lots of people tell us that they weren’t taught about the risks of alcohol use in pregnancy at school, and others tell us they get their information from friends or the internet, which can be risky.

Here are some FASD facts from expert research:


There's no safe amount of alcohol in pregnancy.

There's no safe time to drink alcohol in pregnancy.

There's no safe type of alcohol in pregnancy.

Alcohol in pregnancy risks miscarriage, still birth and more AND it can affect the baby for life.

You can't always tell what impact it had right away, some of the effects are only seen later.

It always helps if people are FASD aware so mums and people with FASD can get the right support.

Ever heard the phrase it takes two to tango?

Partners and mates play a really important role in alcohol-free pregnancies too!

We all need to take responsibility to support pregnant people.

This isn't about gender. We all can help!

If someone you know is having a NOment and doesn't want a drink be supportive.

If you are pregnant and you've had a drink or two, try not to panic and talk honestly toyour health care provider who can help support you.

Comic Strip 2

The Conceivables Comic Strip 02a
The Conceivables Comic Strip 02b
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The Conceivables Series


In the UK drinking alcohol is common, but many people don’t understand the risk it poses during pregnancy. This series uses friendly characters to look at conversations and situations that you might be able to use to help your friends live healthier, now and in the future.

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