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This is the start of a 3-year campaign. We want to arm every young adult in the UK with the life-changing fact that when it comes to pregnancy, the safest choice is “no alcohol, no risk.”  To do that, we need your ideas, strength and input. It sounds huge, but it’s fact – in just one generation, by supporting alcohol-free pregnancies, we can massively decrease the number of lives affected by this hidden epidemic. Let’s do it.

Please sign up for updates and check back often. We will be adding new materials about RISK– for schools, pubs, events. This party is just getting started.

“It leaves you kind of…thinking!” This film can change lives.

What can I do?

It’s a choice.
9 months vs a lifetime.

We wear seatbelts and bike helmets to protect ourselves and our loved ones from injury. We avoid smoking in pregnancy. Now it’s time to get real about alcohol in pregnancy too. No alcohol, no risk.

1/4 of young adults in the UK are unaware that it’s safest to avoid alcohol in pregnancy
FASD-Fighting while pregnant-80

The Facts

Get the facts.
Make a difference.



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RISK (s)


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The making of RISK

RISK was 13 years in the making. Its message could change your life. Learn more about what went into bringing this to screen. Meet Luke Bradford (writer/director), Joanne Bradford (lead actor) and Fintan Buckard (teen actor) who discuss why RISK was important to them.

RISK has won various awards. The most notable win is BEST FILM at Portobello International Film Festival 2018.  RISK won the festival over all genres both short and long form beating over 600 films. 

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