The impact

Alcohol can be toxic
to developing brains and bodies.

There’s no proven safe amount of alcohol in pregnancy. Even one drink can have an effect on a fetus. Scientists can’t yet say which person exposed to alcohol in the womb will have FASD and which won’t.

Why take that RISK?

pregnant woman refusing wine icon


This short film shows Melissa, a pregnant woman learning about the risks. It includes excerpts from Dr Raja Mukherjee, Joanna Buckard and Dr Peter Hepper. The facts are startling.

Watch what one glass can do. The future is in your hands.

What happens in these 9 months lasts a lifetime.


Pregnant and had alcohol?
Speak with your GP or midwife and check out #Drymester.

If you had small amounts before you knew you were pregnant or while pregnant, in most cases the RISK is low. Choose to stop drinking now for your baby’s future. If your child has challenges later, ask doctors about FASD.

Early diagnosis matters.

Did you know?

Alcohol in pregnancy is more harmful than heroin.
It can have a permanent, life-long impact on the developing baby.

Having sex but not planning a family?
Use contraception.

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