Sex and bumps no alcohol

What's it all about?

This video was created by an award-winning comedian to help us spread the word about the importance of choosing to go alcohol-free in pregnancy. It’s not your typical public health video! We believe supporting healthy pregnancies can be fun. And we need to reach more people – so if it makes you smile, please give it a share. 

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Did you know?

If you are pregnant or could become pregnant the safest choice is to avoid alcohol. Otherwise the baby is at risk for a lifelong condition called FASD that can affect their brain and body. More people have FASD than autism but most are undiagnosed (though things are changing). Many pregnancies are unplanned, so stay safe out there! If you have been drinking and are pregnant, please check out the other resources on our website. You are not alone!  Spread the word! #NoAlcoholNoRisk #WhyRiskIt #PreventFASD 

A big shout out to Katie Pritchard, Rich Wilson and our friends at Much Laughter for creating the video and graphics and to everyone who took part. And of course to Ian Drury and Chaz Jankel for the original song.


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