How Dry January 2022 Could be an Opportunity to Support Others

How to use Dry January to support others

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How’s your Dry January going so far?

Dry January for most is the perfect opportunity to work on their physical and mental health, after what could have been a heavy festive period! But what if you could use your Dry January 2022 to support others too?


What is Dry January?

Dry January is a UK-based one-month challenge to give up alcohol for the whole of January, and is run every year by Alcohol Change UK. It’s an opportunity to reset your relationship with alcohol.

Support a pregnant loved one

Using Dry January to support a pregnant loved one

While Dry January is a chance to improve your own health, it can also be an ideal opportunity to show solidarity with a pregnant loved one who’s currently following the CMOs’ guidance and going alcohol-free for the duration of their pregnancy in order to protect their unborn baby.

When you’re the only person abstaining from alcohol, and particularly at a time of potentially increased stress, it can sometimes be hard to maintain the willpower needed to cut out something you enjoy. By joining them, you can be a huge support in their healthy pregnancy.

Prove you can

Prove to yourself that you can

If you’re planning to have a baby soon or at any point in the future, Dry January can be the perfect test of will power to prove to yourself that you can cut out alcohol when the time comes.

That applies regardless of whether it’s you or your partner who will carry the baby, as joining your partner in going alcohol-free for the duration of the pregnancy can help their chances of protecting your unborn baby.

You can learn more about going alcohol-free during your pregnancy, you can find information on our website or over at #Drymester.


Using Dry January to raise funds for a good cause

You could even use your Dry January 2022 to raise funds for a cause of your choice! By taking sponsors for the month, you could help raise money while also giving yourself an extra motivation to stick to your challenge.

If you’re interested in raising funds to help those living with FASD, you can donate to National FASD or to any of our sister organisations in the FASD UK Alliance

Whatever your reasons for going dry this January, best of luck from Prevent FASD! Need some help sticking to the challenge? Why not download the free app from Alcohol Change UK and track your progress and even how many calories you’ve cut out and how much money you’ve saved?


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