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Beer and wine with fetus
Cocktails with fetus
Beer and wine with fetus
Cocktails with fetus

Are you 15-25? Do you live in the UK?
This competition is for you and your future.

A panel of judges will award a


In January**

Top 20 entrants will be named #NationalFASDTopPreventer
winning entries will be shared nationally.

We are looking for creative ideas to prevent tens of thousands being born each year in the UK with lifelong damage to their brains and bodies from alcohol exposure in pregnancy. Get creative! Send us a video, a poster, a song, a poem, an idea for a campaign.
It’s time to make some noise!

In addition, EVERY submission will be entered into a prize draw. The winner of the lucky draw will also be announced in December.

*If you win the Grand Prize you will receive £500 + £500 to split with your school/college/uni or a local charity to continue to spread the word.

**Note: due to COVID we have changed the grand prize award from December to January.

Meet the judges

Dr Michael Akadiri

Dr Michael Akadiri

Dr Michael Akadiri is an award-winning stand-up comedian and ‘never won an award for Medicine’ 28-year old junior doctor from London. Before embarking on a career in Surgery, he spent time in Paediatrics. He saw first-hand that when children are born with problems, the effect is felt beyond the family and reverberates around the whole department. He believes we must do more to prevent alcohol-exposed pregnancies and avoid unnecessary difficulties for children and families alike!
This is a fantastic initiative that I’m happy to throw my full lockdown weight behind the #WhyRiskIt competition. I’m looking forward to judging some of the finest creative talent that this country’s youth have to offer. Best of luck everyone!
Sam and Jo Gardiner

Sam and Jo Gardiner

Sam and Jo Gardiner are a mother and son team from Manchester who were recently featured on BBC 2’s Race Across the World. Their journey took them on an intense adventure across Latin America which had its unique challenges as Sam has FASD and ADHD. Mum Jo says Sam was always ‘lively’ since he was adopted as a child at 6 months. Together they spent years trying to get him the right support in schools that did not understand Sam’s FASD. In college Sam found a love of outdoor work and enjoyed learning about building and car maintenance. Today Sam is loving his job as a landscape gardener and he’s much happier than when he was at school. Jo has balanced raising two sons with her own career and health issues, including Type 1 diabetes. She is helping raise awareness for Diabetes UK and is working on a book about their experiences.

Jo said, “We are both delighted and excited to be judges for this great cause. We both feel it is extremely important to raise awareness of the damage that can be caused by drinking whilst pregnant. Ultimately can change the lives of your unborn baby, not to mention your own life, as Sam and I know only too well.” Jo says, “Sam is wonderful and I love him dearly but I know had he not been exposed to alcohol in the womb, his whole journey through life would have been so much easier.”

Jasmine (Jazzy) and Holly Whipps

Jasmine (Jazzy) and Holly Whipps

Jasmine and Holly are two sisters from South East London. Profoundly deaf from birth Jasmine is fluent in British Sign Language and has used her disability as a platform to create awareness for the deaf community. She’s a popular YouTuber with over 200,000 subscribers.  Jasmine is very creative in her filming and editing and often gets Holly involved. Holly herself is fluent in British Sign Language and regularly interprets for Much Laughter: Stand Up for FASD’s comedy nights. Both Holly and Jasmine are very full of life and love to keep everybody’s spirits high! They are a great team. 

Jasmine and Holly say, ‘’Knowing that our involvement in this exciting project could change lives across the UK really makes it all worthwhile. We are thrilled to have been given this opportunity and can’t wait to see some of the talent across the board.’’

More judges to be announced soon...

Deadlines for competition

September 2020

  • September 20th, 5PM
  • September 25th

October 2020

  • October 18th, 5PM
  • October 23rd

November 2020

  • November 22nd, 5PM
  • November 27th

December 2020

  • December 11th, 5PM
  • December 18th

January 2021

  • January 22nd

Meet our partner

Much Laughter logo

Much Laughter

We are excited to be teaming up with Much Laughter on this competition. Much Laughter specialises in Charity Comedy Nights, running monthly gigs to raise money for local charities and non-profit organisations with a special focus on raising awareness of FASD. Sharon Jackson, founder, is mum to five adults and young adults with FASD.

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