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Beer and wine with fetus
Cocktails with fetus
Beer and wine with fetus
Cocktails with fetus

Thank you for all of your  entries!

This competition was for you and your future.

Tune in for the



16 Feb 2021


#Lakshya Gopal, National winner! 

And to the other top 20 finalists


Join us in celebrating the winners of the #WhyRiskIt competition. 

Watch the video from our Facebook Live event: 16 February 2021, 6:30 pm – involving Lakshya Gopal, Rev Prof Gina Radford (former Deputy Chief Medical Officer) and Dr Raja Mukherjee (head of  the National FASD Clinic). 


*The Grand Prize winner will receive £500 + £500 to split with their chosen school/college/uni or a local charity to continue to spread the word.

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