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Beer and wine with fetus
Cocktails with fetus
Beer and wine with fetus
Cocktails with fetus

Are you 15-25? Do you live in the UK?
This competition is for you and your future.

A panel of judges will award a


In January**

Top 20 entrants will be named #NationalFASDTopPreventer
winning entries will be shared nationally.

We are looking for creative ideas to prevent tens of thousands being born each year in the UK with lifelong damage to their brains and bodies from alcohol exposure in pregnancy. Get creative! Send us a video, a poster, a song, a poem, an idea for a campaign.
It’s time to make some noise!

In addition, EVERY submission will be entered into a prize draw. The winner of the lucky draw will also be announced in December.

*If you win the Grand Prize you will receive £500 + £500 to split with your school/college/uni or a local charity to continue to spread the word.

**Note: due to COVID we have changed the grand prize award from December to January.

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