The Competition

Prizes & rules

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Become a #NationalFASDTopPreventer – We’ll select the top 20 ideas and we will give your idea national focus via social media. We will feature your idea on the National Organisation for FASD’s website and will help develop it further. We will work with you to get local media attention for your idea in your area. If your entry is in the top 20, you will be named a #NationalFASDTopPreventer for 2020-2021 and you will receive a special goodie bag in recognition of your work.

  • #NationalFASDTopPreventers will be awarded on a rolling basis between September 2020 – December 2020. If you are feeling creative now, don’t wait. All entries will be considered each month.
  • GRAND PRIZE WINNER announced in January**

A group of nationally-known judges will award one Grand Prize in January. The winning  entry will receive £500 + £500 to split with your school/college/uni or a local charity to continue to spread the word.

In addition, EVERY submission will be entered into a prize draw. The winner of the lucky draw will also be announced in December.

**Note: due to COVID we have changed the grand prize award from December to January and we have had to change some of our deadlines. Thanks everyone for understanding!


  • Entries will be accepted from people who are 15-25 years old as of 31 December 2020 either as individuals or groups.
  • People can submit more than one entry.
  • UK residents only please.
  • All entries must use stigma-free and blame-free language that is respectful toward those courageous people who live with FASD and their families, including birth mothers.
  • By submitting an entry you are allowing The National Organisation for FASD unlimited rights to use the submission and to identify you as the creator of the work. If you would prefer to not have your name mentioned (or only your first name), please indicate this on your entry.
  • The final date for submitting entries is 18 December 2020.
  • Top 20 winners can identify themselves as a #NationalFASDTopPreventer for 2020-2021. This applies only to the award-winning entry. You are not authorised to speak on behalf of The National Organisation for FASD on other matters, though we will work with you to provide both national visibility and local impact for your idea.
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